Crys Matthews is a Proud Band Nerd

June 8, 2021

Celebrate FolkPod’s first ever Pride Month episode with the inspiring Crys Matthews! In a family filled with fantastic singers, Crys thinks she probably wouldn’t win the family talent competition, but we disagree. Growing up in the South as a Black, lesbian, daughter of a preacher in the '90s was a tumultuous journey, but Crys tells Cheryl and our listeners that those difficult times helped shape who she is today. From writing early college tunes about romance to her transition to composing social justice songs, Matthews seeks to change the world in profound ways through love. Maybe that’s why she’s been called “the next Woody Guthrie.” Find out about Crys’ theories of “pandemic perks,” including the chance to collaborate with Heather Mae. Plus, a previously unrecorded song played live, exclusively for FolkPod!

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